Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tips for your senior portraits

Below are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your outfit(s) for your senior portraits.

1) YOUR CLOTHES in your closet photograph better than new clothes! It isn’t necessary to go shopping.

2) LONG SLEEVES are best, especially for yearbook poses.

3) MATCH CLOTHING to your location, props and the season.

4) POM PON, CHEERLEADING, HONOR GUARD outfits. If you are wearing these, we'll need to find a location that would be appropriate for them (school, gym?).

5) HAIR - We don’t style your hair. Bring a comb or brush. Wear your hair as you normally would at first, and then try different ways. Clean hair is best. Don’t use hair spray, mousse or gel. They make hair photograph stiff, oily, and dirty.

6) GLASSES - To avoid glare and distortion, you must remove the lenses or borrow frames from your optical store.

7) SUNGLASSES - An absolute must on sunny days.

8) SUNTANS - Don’t tan your face! Tans make faces photograph oily, dirty and dark. A tan on your body is great but don’t burn or get tan lines.

9) FASHION IDEAS - Cut out poses and concept ideas from fashion or sports magazines. Of course, clip ideas that will work for your appearance, figure, location and props.

10) SKIN TONE - Avoid clothing colors that are too similar to your skin color, especially for your tops. For many people, this can make your face appear washed out.

For more tips, visit our Syracuse Senior Portraits site!

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